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Best Practices for Large SO's

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  • Best Practices for Large SO's

    I am looking for some practical advice on 'working' large quotes that span many months and may be worked sporadically with changes to products/labor here and there (think a pre-wire done over the course of a week but then during trim phase a few months later, wires need to be moved or added).

    I also want to be able to see the SO pop into a tech's time sheet still but I think the only way to do this is to keep the SO open or create a new one?

    How do people manage large projects - a SO for each phase or SO for each phase and room/floor of a house?

    Need some practical advice to be able to track time for sporadic work on projects.

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    Hi Angela,

    I would suggest using projects to manage these. This will allow you to individually quote each phase of the project and track all the work on the phase. We have a webinar on projects available here.
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      I agree with Marsha, The Tigerpaw Projects are perfect for this. Just keep in mind that you really need to create the Project parameteres first beforehand. Marry up the Project Phases in Tigerpaw with your D-Tools phases as well. This will allow D-Tools projects to be easily imported and integrated into Tigerpaw process.
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