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QUery Time out Error when creating & Saving an SO

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  • QUery Time out Error when creating & Saving an SO

    We implemented Tigerpaw over a year ago and in that time we have experienced the "Query Time Out error" on an almost daily basis, numerous times per day (often, many times in a row). The error "seems to be" related to a piece of bad code within the application (a trigger that fires whenever an SO is created and saved); I have submitted multiple tickets with Tigerpaw and have spoken with their Developers and have done everything that they have requested and yet the problem persists. We are integrating with Great Plains accounting (something Tigerpaw "said" they integrate with but I'm not convinced that's a true statement).

    Has ANYONE out there experienced this problem on this level of magnitude and, if so, how did you fix it!? (fyi; we are running Tigerpaw off of a VM server and there are ample resources available).

    We've been told that Tigerpaw will be fixing the stored procedure/trigger on the next release and we are crossing our fingers that the fix will "kill" this query time out error and prevent it from happening forevermore, but I'm beginning to think that we'll be plagued with this problem forever. Our Service department is far beyond agitated as they experience this problem NUMEROUS TIMES, OFTEN IN A ROW, EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!



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    Can you re-create this issue if you are logged into Tigerpaw on the VM itself opposed to a client on the network?



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      We have been running TP for 4+ years across many different versions. We have 20 people in all day every day. I have never seen that error, not even once.

      Good question by Ed. Really seems like something more network / server based versus code (at least based on the fact I have never seen it at all).