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  • cberry
    TJ, this may not help you very much, but we have 7 different labor rates that we use on our projects. We just have 7 different labor line items with different descriptions and cost/sell prices. Depending on what else you're doing, you might be able to use an Open Assembly for labor and just select which of the line items/rates you want to apply to that Quote. Typically our proposals show the different types of labor on the job and we customized the quote report to suppress the Quantity of and line item of the Type "L", for labor. That was the custom sees XXXXX/INSTALLATION LABOR: $5000, so they don't see the labor rate. Hope this helps.

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  • tjmcdonald
    started a topic Labor Rates

    Labor Rates

    Looking to see how others are doing labor rates in Tigerpaw. We are currently running in to an issues where we cannot import customer labor rates from one program to Tigerpaw. We are being told we have to manually enter them or change our business practices to accomadate the software.

    We have 9 labor rates we currently use.

    New Customer rate
    Non Maint Customers (probably about 1500 customers between new and non maint)
    Maint Customers (approx. 500 customers)
    Data/IT customers (approx. 500 customers)
    Subcontractor Labor rate (approx. 100 customer)
    Special Customer pricing (approx. 100 customers)
    New York Customer Rates (approx. 100 customers)
    Customer X Standard Rates (national company 300 branches)
    Customer X Data Rates - (same national company 300 branches)