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Workflow for invoice payment overdue. Help?

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  • Workflow for invoice payment overdue. Help?

    I have set a workflow for invoices that are 30, 45, and 60 days overdue for payment. I'm not receiving any notifications, any help resolving why i'm not getting email or popup notifications. I've set several up before and they work, and i know for sure we have overdue invoices. Would it have something to do with the due date? does tigerpaw calculate the due date at all from the terms set on the invoice?

    do i have to set a different parameter maybe?

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    I have our system sending me an email 15 days after the due date. Make a new workflow, I called ours internal overdue notification.
    Event type set to Invoice payment overdue
    Document type Invoice
    Department Accounting
    Number of days (this is how many days later you want the workflow to trigger)

    Under the static recipients tab I have myself setup up to get the notification.

    Also remember to setup an email template and reference that under the static recipients in the workflow you set up

    I hope this works out for you.



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      Yes i finally got it to work. Thank you for replying. I was trying to put a condition in place and it doesn't need that.


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        Workflow for Overdue Invoice, needs to go to Bill to contact information

        New issue with workflow for overdue invoices.

        The email tokens are limited for Invoices. Example: the bill to company may be different than the account address that the billing is for. The tokens do not contain an option to pull from the bill to tab on the invoice only the account that the bill was created for.
        If I'm sending an email to the customer regarding an overdue invoice I want it to go to the bill to address, the company responsible for paying the invoice.

        Any suggestions on this matter?