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Best way to run Tigerpaw on a MacBook Pro

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  • Best way to run Tigerpaw on a MacBook Pro

    Happy New Year to all!

    I was previously running all of my work applications on my MacBook Pro using VMware Fusion to run Windows XP, so essentially everything was running "in a Windows environment" and it used all appications in that Windows instance.

    That MacBook has run it's course and I am getting a new one to be delivered very soon. My question is this: What is the best way to run TigerPaw, if I want to use my Mac primarily for everything else (Microsoft Office for Mac with Excel, Word, & Outlook).

    Here are the options as I see them (please let me know if there is another, or better option):
    1 - Still run VMware and have TigerPaw run in a Windows enviroment
    2 - Connect via terminal server to run TigerPaw
    3 - Connect via TigerPaw Mobile

    My question for all three options is, can I utilize my applications on my Mac (Word, Excel, Outlook) with any/all of these options for Word merge, Mail templates, etc.

    We are running version 14.1.17

    Please let me know if you have any questions and I will provide as much additinional info as I can.



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    I use a MacBook Pro and I have used VMWare Fusion until a few months ago. Their latest release was horrible and I moved to Parallels.

    In any case, I have found that Terminal Server is the way to go. You can get to it from anywhere and if your machine blows up, your Terminal Services connection stays intact.

    This solution won't work with your Mac applications. I have found that the Office apps on Mac are lacking.

    Let me know if you need any other info.



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      Just me experience, I (and 90% of my office) use a mac with Tigerpaw. I just use parallels in coherence mode, that way I can still "live" in my mac environment and my windows applications will still run. I also use D-Tools which is Windows only. Everything else I use is in OS X and it's been alright. A few of my colleagues refuse to adapt and work in coherence mode but I've found that it's been best for my productivity. Unfortunately, in order to correctly export from D-Tools and import into Tigerpaw I had to purchase excel (standalone) for Windows. That was just because the export from D-Tools required it. Not sure if you're using D-Tools or not but just something I ran into.