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Contract Invoices, little info is imported?

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  • Contract Invoices, little info is imported?

    Is there a way to get more information transferred into quick books from Contract invoices? Very little information is sent over. To summarize my question, why does tigerpaw only pull the contract billing description to show on its invoices, with no item ID? and that's all that transfers over to quick books. Why doesn't tigerpaw pull its information from the items covered section to show on its invoices?

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    Katherine, When Tigerpaw and QuickBooks are implemented together, it is highly recommended that the Tigerpaw invoice be sent to the customer, primarily because it has a lot more detail than is transferred to the QuickBooks invoice. The QuickBooks invoice then becomes a financial document, primarily used in house. None of the commonly available links transfer the Item ID from Tigerpaw to QuickBooks. This is to avoid creating and maintaining a separate inventory in QuickBooks.


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      Thanks for responding. Yes we are sending out the Tigerpaw invoices, Just was looking for a way to avoid an item labeled Unspecified from being created in quickbooks.