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Not Able to Invoice or Collect Payment In the Field

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  • Not Able to Invoice or Collect Payment In the Field

    I just was told that neither the Portal or the Fat client can have Field Technicians Invoice or collect payment!

    WOW...a really hoping I was misinformed as I can't believe that a package as sophisticated as Tigerpaw won't allow you to collect money you are owed!

    I was told in Omaha that's the way it's done... nice to be someplace so honest, but in my neck of the woods if I don't get payment at the time service is rendered, I might never see payment or have to wait a very long time to get it.


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    Agreed. I thought it was completely unorthodox not to have this feature as well, especially in Tigerpaw Mobile. The concept of Tigerpaw is great, but it lacks many basic common sense features that one would expect.
    Couple that with the constant lack of QC in their programming makes for a very frustrating experience.
    They're so close to having a wonderful and useful software if they could just reign in a handful of items.


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      It really is unusual that to have a program so close to being great, yet missing very common sense items. The Portal is fantastic, my operations manager was so psyched she was ready to purchase 8 tablets and give them to my Engineers for the field... then this happened. Today she was telling me after all the money we've spent, she thinks the old program we used could have done what we wanted.

      I don't totally agree but she has a point.....