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  • Import Serial Number Permissions

    Hello, I am the Tigerpaw Admin at my company and I have two users in the same role who are unable to import serial numbers (Tigerpaw v13.1) when receiving items to a PO.

    When they try to import, they get an error saying something about there is no data and they can't access the document.

    As admin I am able, but they are not. What permissions need to be set within the application to allow a role to be able to import serial numbers?

    Any help would be great. Thanks

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    An update to this post - I believe it may have something to do with administrative rights with the machine but I can't quite confirm that at this time. I tried logging into Tigerpaw and importing an Excel file of serial numbers but it would not let me on the machine I was on. When I came back to my computer, I logged in and was able to import successfully. If anyone out there is having the same issue, can they confirm that it is admin level rights permissions on the machine because I can't find anything within the Tigerpaw application that is prohibiting this. Thank you