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  • Purpose of Account Status

    What is the purpose of the account status if you can still open an SO to an inactive customer account? We had an issue recently where an incorrect customer account was selected, i.e. the same customer had two accounts but one was inactive. Is there going to be a time when the status of inactive will not allow you to post anything to that customer account? Maybe with a service pack or new version? If it does not do that, then what exactly is the purpose of this status? Could someone let me know?



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    The Accoutn Status is really whatever you want it to be; you can create all the custom account statuses you choose. This status isn't used in any logic - it's for filtering and reporting purposes, and can be used in your business processes.
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      We mark a customer inactive, so that we know not to create SO's for that account, or in the instance where a customer becomes active, after many years of being inactive, we make sure to run a credit check before going out to site. Problem is, TP will allow a tech to create an SO for an inactive customer. We called to see if there was an option to not be able to create tickets for inactive customers, but were told that a script needed to be written to make that happen. The charge was $25 per hour. I really feel this is something that TP should offer on their end, as inactive means just that. On another note, we are still waiting on when TP will fix the issue with searching for an item by description, as it brings in all the inactive items as well. I would really like an update on what can be done to fix the issue for both problems we have with inactive statuses.


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        On a service order status, you can state if the status closes or opens the service order. It would be nice to have that logic built into the account status. If you inactivate an account, you can no longer create service orders, invoices, projects etc. against the account record. A work around would be to create a workflow notification for any new service orders opened on accounts types that are at an inactive status so the SO can be moved to the correct account if needed.


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          LisaK, thank you for the work around. But not sure if it will work the way I want it to? I am trying to find a way to not let anyone create an SO on an inactive account, or at least have a pop up that says the account is inactive, or that the account needs credit check. Pop up would be easy enough, if it weren't for the fact that we are speaking of over 1000 accounts. We are a thirty year old business


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            Here's another work-around. After making the account Inactive, go to the Accounting Information, and put them on Credit Hold, with a Credit Hold Note of something like "Don't you ever sell to this company!" Next go into Security and remove the ability to 'Create SO on Credit Hold' from all Roles except for System Admin. This will cause a pop-up with the credit hold message, but it will NOT stop the SO creation. A workflow can be created on SO Creation to change the SO status to Closed, and send an email to the order entry supervisor for follow up.

            As for your existing Inactive Accounts, a quick SQL script can change the Credit Hold byte, and add the Credit Hold message to all 1000 Inactive accounts in about 15 seconds.

            4/4/2016 - Correction - Tigerpaw does indeed prevent the creation of Service Orders for accounts on Credit Hold if security is enforced. I didn't have security enforced in my sample database.
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              Thanks Bob, I am very familiar with how to do this, however it is for over 1000 accounts. Can't touch each one individually, and don't feel we should have to pay for a script for something TP should include for inactive anything. Guess we will just have to be more careful.


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                I just talked with Debbie and we were able to set her up using the credit hold option. I'd just like to point out that if you set security to not allow service orders for accounts on credit hold, the system will prevent that service order from being created by reps in that security role.
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                  Marsha, thanks again for helping with this. And appreciate the time you took to call and follow up on my issue. This will indeed help with what we are trying to accomplish!