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    As a manager I constantly need access to the dispatch board but I am also in the field a lot. When I get calls for scheduling changes or questions, I am not always near a laptop or an Internet connection. How are other users accessing the dispatch board or (team calendar) in these situations? I know the mobile app will show each tech their schedule but what about from a management point of view? Is there a way to do this? Is this a future feature for tigerpaw mobile?

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    We have been asking for this for years. At the tigerpaw 2015 conference i brought this up when they were asking for things that people would like to see and there were many people asking for it as well. I was trying to see James about this as he had asked and was passed on to to I believe the person in charge of product development. Told him the same thing that you are looking for and have not heard anything since the conference.

    Hopefully they will listen as not all of their customers have a dedicated person that sits in an office for dispatch.



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      I'd also like to put my vote behind this. It's one of the reasons we've not purchased Tigerpaw Mobile.


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        Hi all,

        Please place requests and votes for development updates in the "Features Request" space of the community site. This will ensure that others can see and vote on your ideas as well and helps get them pushed to the top of the development list.

        Thank you!