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Customer not "touched" in the longest period of time

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  • Customer not "touched" in the longest period of time

    I have recently joined an organization as an after market rep and have been assigned several hundred clients. I'd like to touch the accounts that have not been contacted in the longest time, first. I am looking for a way to search the Journal but we have already changed the Primary Rep assignment to "me" so sorting by the Last updated column will not produce the detail I need. I can't seem to find the correct combination in the Reports Explorer either.

    Help and direction greatly appreciated.

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    We have had this same problem, trying to find "stale" clients. But, our monthly Email blast updates the "last updated". I think there is a "last sale" field somewhere (I am not logged in right now) - that we used for clients - but doesn't help with Prospects that have never bought anything.


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      We can write you a custom report for this. Please contact me at if you are interested.



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        It's nice that we can write "custom" reports for this sort of thing however these are feature of many out of the box CRM systems these days.
        Can you please add this to development to be included as a feature in a future release?

        Even better if this could then be attached to a workflow with a task assigned to it or for it to be emailed to a sales manager


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          We just tried to produce this from a Matrix, but that didn't work either. We ended up having to export a list from the "No SO since..." report, then reimport that list back in to make a group that could be acted upon. Not very elegant, and for sure can't produce the workflow like was just mentioned. Having a workflow to trigger would make a lot of sense.