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Looking to start a Tigerpaw users group / braintrust

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  • Looking to start a Tigerpaw users group / braintrust

    I am looking to start a Tigerpaw users group and want to see if there is enough interest from others to try and get this done.

    I am looking at the following criteria:

    Yearly sales volume of ~ $3 - $8 Million (give or take)
    Limit to non geo competing (meaning only one group per major metro area). Note, Chicago is out – since I am organizing
    Heavily depend on Tigerpaw
    Want to get more out of Tigerpaw
    Love to share info and help others
    Will commit to making the calls.
    A call once every 2-4 weeks (we could decide once we get rolling) for 1-2 hours.

    Looking to get / discuss

    Tips for getting more from TP
    Share Best practices (technical, business, etc) around TP
    Help each other get over hurdles and roadblocks (not tech support) in TP
    Share / discuss other tools related to TP

    The calls and topics would be 90% Tigerpaw related (as opposed to marketing, or business, etc). There are other groups for those type of things.

    I am thinking we would limit this group in size....having more than 5 or 6 on one calls gets hard to organize and control – but I am sure we can look at this based on interest.

    You can either reply here or Email me directly at with your thoughts or interest.


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    This is a cool idea. I came around after a similar group that was started on here a few years back, 'The Tigers' I believe. I went from on-prem Service CEO to on-prem Connectwise the to Autotask and finally Tigerpaw. We have a pretty complex setup and are always pushing the limits. We do IT with heavy A/V and light voice. Our main office is in the southeastern US (South Florida) but we also have a branch office in Central America. I have setup and run leadership roundtables and would be interested in helping get something like this off the ground. A small but group of companies (6 - is a good number from around the country and if active enough could be vocal to encourage vendor partners to commit to integrations as well as improve existing ones with Tigerpaw. PM if you want to talk offline.

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    Clifton Steele


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      Just hitting this again to see if we have any other interest. We have a couple groups expressing interest - so looks like we will be moving forward. Looking for 3-4 more to make it a great group.

      Let me know via reply or by Email if that is better:



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        We are a New Zealand based IT Company - would you prefer US based companies? Only difference I see is tax/GST, but that's no biggey.
        I'm in the Finance department, but still use Tigerpaw heavily (rolled out in our company 15 months ago) but I'm super keen and interested to learn more & keep ahead with everyone. Jeff - feel free to email me


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          Jeff - are you attending the producers club meeting in Nashville later this month?



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            I might be interested too. We are in Norway, $6 mill revenue with a lot of IT services/installations to SMEs (~25 techs), some VoIP/voice (2 techs/reps) and some development (6 developers and project manager). We try to make the most of Tigerpaw since 2011, but have still some way to go. With US, Norway and New Zealand we might have time zone issues, but hey.


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              Hi gaute,
              Please email me and we will add you to our User Group - next meeting is booked and Minutes of the 1st meeting can be sent to you - would love to have you on board! Regards, Donna Swart, New Zealand.


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                Hi All,

                Would you like to have another member join the group? We've been with Tigerpaw for 10 years and we're based in Australia.


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                  Hi Clifton, Can you please tell me how long were you with Connectwise, and what was the deciding factor in moving to Tigerpaw? We are also A/V, Voice, IT and Cable infrastructure. Also, are you running latex version of TP, and if so, have techs had issues with Matrix? Appreciate any feedback!
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                    That was Clifton that was on Connectwise. We eval'd it but went with TP instead. I am not familiar with the latex version (ahh - I just figured out the typo - latest)....yes we are. We have had a few minor Matrix issues but nothing that outweighs the value it brings to the table.


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                      Thanks jborello, corrected name on post. Hoping I will get some feedback.