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Insert Company Name into Task Subject when created from Opportunity

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  • Insert Company Name into Task Subject when created from Opportunity

    Currently when you create a task from an Opportunity, Tigerpaw automatically adds the Opportunity Number and the Opportunity Name. Can we have the Account Name added as well as per my image attached.

    This is also relevant to tasks created from Service Orders. Currently they only include the Service Order Number and the Brief Description, but the Account Name should be included.

    I know its in the comment notes, but when looking at a summary in Outlook when using the Exchange Integrator it would be useful in the subject.
    Glenn Houssenloge
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    Thank you for your feature request. I have passed it along to our development team.


    Jen Bischoff
    Marketing & Social Media Coordinator


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      I would love to see a way to customize the Task subject as well. We use the Exchange sync to push this data to our mobile phones, but it's not very helpful when the calendar item simply reads "SO 12345 Install new computer". It is possible to go in to the item and the data is stored in the notes, but this definitely slows things down.

      As a similar option, I'd love to have the address populate the the Location field in Exchange as this would allow our mapping software to use it without any additional work.