Stephanie Olson
Tigerpaw Implementation Director
USA Security Inc.
Eden Prairie, Minnesota

USA Security, Inc. is currently using Tigerpaw version 16.1.06
The organization has been using Tigerpaw since July of 2015 and Stephanie has been using the software for four months.

Q: Can you explain in a bit more detail your role within your organization and how you use Tigerpaw?

A: In my role as the Tigerpaw Implementation Director here at USA Security Inc., I have learned, implemented, and trained on many of the modules in Tigerpaw. Along with my colleague Shawn Williams, our Tigerpaw Administrator, we have mitigated issues and problem-solved through each stage of implementation; and continue to do so. My role is really about being the go-to person for matters of user-functionality - to teach our employees the best practices for maximizing the functionality of this software. I provide support by first mastering the functions myself - through the TP Training Resources, User Forums, Webinars, and through individual technical training from the TP Training Specialists (who are awesome by the way!). Afterward, I create training documents to teach our company on the best practices to accomplish our business processes through Tigerpaw.

Q: Can you share how you have used the Tigerpaw Community site in your role over the years?

A: The Tigerpaw Community site has been a useful resource when confused about a procedure or process, and not knowing what direction to take. Through the Community Site, we have taken advantage of the opportunity to share with other Tigerpaw users about our functionality needs. With the collaboration efforts with other users and TP Training Specialists, many times we are able to discover and implement solutions to meet the procedural expectations and alleviate concerns. Most recently, we are implementing Projects, Contracts, Marketing, and Inventory, and at many times we become aware of desirable functions that are not yet implemented in Tigerpaw. Through the Community Site, we are able to post these feature requests in hopes that they will be implemented through a future release. We have also found it interesting to read through other user’s Feature Requests as well.

Q: Have you utilized the updated Tigerpaw Community site often? If so, what is your favorite feature?

A: I have used the Tigerpaw Community site for about 4 months now. I have primarily used the Forums feature of the community site, and have found value in collaborating with others, as well as reading through other user’s questions and posting any solutions we have for those.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share with your peers about Tigerpaw?

A: Tigerpaw can feel like a maze at times; but be assured that either someone has already been down your path with a solution for you; or, if not - you have the opportunity to publish your feature requests on the Tigerpaw Community site for implementation in future releases and to share with others.

Q: Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

A: I am a recent graduate with a Bachelors of Business Administration from the University of Minnesota Duluth, class of 2016. Born and raised in Minnesota and attending school in one of the most beautiful cities (Duluth, Mn), I have learned to enjoy the outdoors, and not take the gift of nature for granted. I also have picked up an interest in fishing! See picture below!

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